Enoch Ministries Counseling Center
Welcome to Enoch Ministries Counseling Center

MISSION STATEMENT:  To provide both  equine and non-equine therapy services to a broad range of clients in
the Chattahoochee Valley. At all times the Company’s policies will reflect Christian Related Values.

We are a partner program to West Georgia Psychiatric Center of LaGrange.

Enoch Ministries' counseling center is located in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The facility is located 15 miles from
LaGrange, 27 miles from Columbus and Phoenix City, and 35 miles from Newnan. Fort Benning. Except for 8
miles of two lane highways, expressways can be used to reach the facility.

Our goal is to make affordable, Christian counseling and ministry available to the individuals in the community
struggling with various problems in their lives.  Word Based Counseling addresses the practical, relational,  and
spiritual problems that Christians face in their lives.

We see individuals for personal counseling and ministry.  We also see couples seeking marriage counseling or
premarital counsel.

Counseling is offered on an appointment basis at our offices in Pine Mountain, Georgia.
To make an appointment, or for more information on our other programs, please call us at  (706) 881-2141

Let us know if your company is interested in taking part in our Employee Assistance or
your church is interested in our Church Membership Counseling program.
Our Counseling Center is being
renovated and could use
support. If you would like to
provide support to this project
please contact us at
Through Faith Based Counseling, thousands of people have found lasting
freedom from a wide range of life's problems.
We are an extension of
West Georgia Psychiatric Center


Psychotherapy Services

Counseling services are offered for a variety of problems or disorders.  Counseling services are offered in a variety of
settings.  Counseling services can be received by individuals, dating and engaged couples, friendships, professional
relationships, marriages, part or all of a family, groups, churches or organizations.

Most counseling services are offered by assisting the client in understanding the problem and its development.  Once this is
clear, we strive to expand the client’s options for resolving or managing the problem through problem solving, development of
coping strategies, therapeutic interventions, education, suggestions and support.
Counseling Center